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Let yourself be silently drawn by the strong pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. -Rumi

Viktoria Munroe personal and professional coach at Opening Doors Coaching in Concord, Massachusetts

Know where you are and where you want to be in one of the following areas, but you can’t make it happen?
Clutter  -  Money 

       Weight  -  Career

Tired of not having the life you want? Out of balance and stressed?

  • Feeling overtaxed in balancing work and time for you and your family?
  • Ready to make a life transition or career change?
  • Challenged with communicating personally or professionally?
  • Received a “wake up call” to change, but unsure what’s next?

Wondering why you haven’t made the changes you want?

Life is busy and full. It’s uncomfortable to move outside the box and your comfort zone. With a professional companion helping you, gain clarity, obtain focus and implement an action plan to ensure your success. The more you succeed, the more you want it.

Start by Opening Doors!

Clients of Opening Doors Coaching create happier lives through:

 New jobs or promotions                                     More free time & energy to have fun 
 Increased incomes                                              Healthier relationships
mproved communication skills                        Sustaining a more balanced life
 Lives with more purpose and meaning     

Reconnect to your top priorities in life and work.

As your advocate, Vikki Munroe tenaciously pulls you into action, with professionalism and fun. Blending compassion, intuition and humor (even for tough issues), Vikki has helped hundreds of clients see how their decisions impact their whole life. She doesn’t let anyone off the hook.  From tackling surface-level issues to deep challenges, receive consistent truth-telling from Vikki to move forward in your career or life.

Discover or re-discover what’s important.  Collaborate with Vikki:

Through assessments and individual coaching over the phone or in her West Concord, MA office, via group coaching or  by attending a workshop.   For more details, visit our services page.

When you’re ready for authentic changes, we’re your key to open that first door.
Contact Vikki Munroe at 978-371-3377 or
for your complimentary consultation.


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