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Let yourself be silently drawn by the strong pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. -Rumi

How We Work

Most clients approach us for Individual Coaching.   Considering this service?   For more insight, review our three step process for launching your powerful changes

  1. In your complimentary consultation, we provide a sample coaching session in a career or life area you choose. By the end of the session, we mutually agree whether or not to work together.
  2. You complete some initial assessments as your first homework assignment, and we book a 2-hour intake session.
  3. At your intake session, we lay the groundwork for our work. We begin by furnishing feedback and analysis from your initial assessments.

We may also select additional assessments from nine possible tools. At a minimum, we always conduct these three:

  • Personality: using the Enneagram, we determine how you pay attention and direct your energy
  • Value: your guideposts for making decisions
  • Future Self: a mission statement and vision of the life you want to create

Assessments accelerate your growth, by identifying your compelling motivating factors in these areas:

   Personality                      Strengths                          Future Vision

Priorities                          Values                        Obstacles

Knowing your unique traits allows us to be more effective in our work together. We quickly know where to coach you, and it enables a more powerful use of our time.

By the end of your intake session, we gain consensus on the:

  • primary focus of our work together, 
  • direction we’ll take and
  • major outcomes.

You leave with at least one action step.

Over the years, we’ve found that the clients who complete this foundational work sustain their changes for the long term.   With this foundational work as our driver, we then conduct your regularly scheduled coaching sessions either for a specific number of sessions or until we complete your goal.

  • You choose the frequency and whether we meet over the phone or in our West Concord, MA office.
  • You choose the parameters of each meeting.
  • We support you in developing your learning.
  • You commit to specific action steps, and we help you move forward by holding you accountable to your commitments.

Open the door to a better life or career.  Contact Vikki Munroe at 978-371-3377 or to schedule your complimentary consultation.


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