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Vikki Munroe accredited coach

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strong pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. -Rumi

Feel Seen and Heard from Your First Meeting

Vikki Munroe loves helping people get and create the careers and life they want.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Vikki lives her passion to make a concrete difference in the lives of individuals. Culling from her own experiences, certification and ongoing training, she’s helped people, who feel pulled or stuck, find and use the keys to open their doors and thrive. 

Vikki supports her clients by clarifying their potential for growth and transformation. During the process, she uncovers blind spots to reconnect people to their passions and purpose. Her clients ultimately learn life long skills in self-care management.

Prior to founding Opening Doors Coaching in 2004, Vikki successfully navigated many career and life changes herself. Her career spans 20 years of experience as a business woman, high tech salesperson and group facilitator. During her career, she’s balanced being a spouse and mother of two.

Believing you know what to do, she draws it from you

Honest, direct and compassionate, Vikki cleverly holds her clients creatively resourceful. She doesn’t tell you what to do: she’s trained to pull it out of you and hold you accountable. Intuitive and insightful, she adeptly balances supporting you with confronting you.

Vikki holds the expectation that each person wants to do their best and live their values. To that end, Vikki helps her clients work through their fears and stay focused. Often, her clients achieve their professional and personal goals faster with more ease and humor than they could do otherwise.

Vikki attributes her high client retention rate to going deeper in the individual coaching process than most coaches. She’s able to do so through her foundational work with clients, as described at How We Work <link>. This work enables Vikki to tap into the courage and motivation for her clients to stay on track.

Having been a group facilitator for over 15 years allows Vikki to be effective in group coaching.  Possessing a Percept certification for over 8 years furnishes Vikki with a powerful communication method she uses and teaches in her coaching and workshops respectively.

Trust in proven tools and professional training

Vikki completed extensive Co-Active life coaching training and the certified professional Co-Active Coaching program through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The ICF sets the standards rules of conduct & ethics for professional coaches. Vikki is currently completing her Organization/Systems training through CTI.

She has received advanced training in mediation and conflict resolution.

Passionate about effective parenting, Vikki is also certified by Parents Helping Parents (PHP).

She is an active member of the Boston Co-Active Network and ICF, New England Chapter.

Create and live your future with Vikki Munroe starting today.   Schedule your complimentary consultation at 978-371-3377 or

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